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Ambulance stolen from hospital

Posted on 31 August 2013 by wyoskibum

HOPEWELL, VA — While a first responder was inside John Randolph Medical Center on Wednesday night, the ambulance parked outside was being driven down Route 10 and not by Fire and EMS personnel.

Around 7:30 pm, a first responder had carried a patient to the emergency room at the medical center. This responder had left the ambulance running and when they returned outside, the ambulance was gone, according to Fire Chief John Tunstall.

The first responder notified the Hopewell Police Department about the stolen ambulance, as well as the hospital. A short time after being reported as stolen, the ambulance was found off Allied Road, a short three to four miles from the hospital, just outside the city in Chesterfield County.

Tunstall said that no damage was done to the ambulance and it was back on the road that same night. The fire chief said the only thing of note was the suspect left the lights on and the battery on the ambulance had been run down.

“We were lucky,” Tunstall said of the incident. “Usually when something like this happens, when we find it, most of the time it has been wrecked. They just drove it and abandoned it.”

The police department is not releasing any information about the suspect at this time. The department said the suspect was found not far from the ambulance and was taken into custody, though they are not commenting as to whether or not the person is still in custody or has been released.


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D.C. Fire/EMS ambulance had unfixed brakes, despite reports

Posted on 31 August 2013 by wyoskibum

WASHINGTON (WJLA) — When D.C. ambulances like Medic 31 respond to an emergency, a sense of urgency can make all the difference.

However, when one of the city’s ambulances has a significant mechanical flaw that has gone unfixed for weeks, it can put patience and first responders in further danger.

Documents obtained by ABC7 reveal that crew members have been documenting for months now an air hose leak that affects the brakes in the city’s Medic 31 unit, but the problem still hasn’t been fixed.

According to three inspection reports from Aug. 4, 11 and this week, crew members noted with an “X” that the ambulance had the specified leak.

Ken Lyons, the head of the Civilian Paramedics Union, works out of Medic 31. He says that this particular problem can actually delay the ambulance from leaving the station for up to two minutes since it takes time for the air pressure to build up.

Others say the delay is closer to three to five minutes.

In a log book entry from the week of July 22, a crew member wrote that “M-31 told from platoon that air hose has leak.” An entry from the week of Aug. 4 had a similar notation.

The final entry stated that “M-31 air break takes some time to release causing us to delay response. Notified house officer about this problem.”

Lyons says that the unit recently went in for repairs, but when it returned, the leak still hadn’t been fixed.

For months, district residents have been witness to evidence of an ambulance fleet in disrepair, from units catching fire to having no air conditioning to a unit in the presidential motorcade running out of gas.

“We’ve known we’ve had problems,” D.C. Fire Chief Ken Ellerbe said. “The fleet has been challenged. We’ve had some very old equipment and we’re about to replace it.”

On Tuesday, Ellerbe and Mayor Vincent Gray announced that the city had hired 60 new fire cadets and nine paramedics to alleviate staffing shortages. The city is also adding 30 new ambulances to its fleet.

The announcement came on the heels of the International Association of Firefighters, one of the nation’s most prominent fire unions, accused Ellerbe’s agency as being one of the worst in the nation.



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Hwy 603 accident with ambulance sends 2 to hospital

Posted on 31 August 2013 by wyoskibum

An accident involving an AMR ambulance sent two people to the hospital Thursday afternoon. It happened around 1pm at the intersection of Hwy 603 and Avenue B in Bay St. Louis.

Witnesses said the ambulance was headed north on 603 with its lights and sirens on when a maroon SUV tried to cross the highway and pulled out in front of the ambulance.

A white pick-up truck sitting behind the SUV at the intersection was also struck after the impact of the crash spun the SUV into it.

They names and conditions of the victims have not been released.



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Former Berlin paramedic files $8M harassment lawsuit

Posted on 31 August 2013 by wyoskibum

BERLIN, MD — A former paramedic with the Berlin Fire Company is suing the organization for $8 million for alleged harassment and discrimination.

Berlin resident Zackery Tyndall, a former Berlin Fire Company paramedic and volunteer firefighter, filed the 13-page complaint Tuesday in U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland. The lawsuit names his former employer and four individual members of the fire company as defendants. One of them is the current fire company president.

According to court documents, the defendant firefighters believed Tyndall was gay and repeatedly called him homosexual slurs. The defendants allegedly took their discrimination so far as to refuse to help Tyndall assist a car accident victim in December 2012, the suit states.

“It’s a very clear case,” said James Otway, Tyndall’s attorney. “We tried to exhaust every other avenue before filing suit. We wish we could have resolved it at a different level.”

Berlin Fire Company President David Fitzgerald did not return a call seeking comment for this report.

Tyndall, who was fired in early 2013 without being told why, is seeking $2 million in compensatory damages and $6 million in punitive damages from the defendants: the Berlin Fire Company, Fitzgerald, firefighters Bryon Trimble and Derrick Simpson, and former EMS supervisor Norris Philip Donohoe.

Otway said a claim had been filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and Tyndall had received a right to sue letter from the agency.

Tyndall, whose parents have volunteered with the Berlin Fire Company for decades, joined the BFC as a cadet when he was 14 and was hired as a paramedic there in 2008. Otway said the alleged harassment of Tyndall had been going on for a few years when it came to a head in 2012.

“There has been a deliberate and conscious effort on the part of the defendants to harass and intimidate Zack Tyndall and drive him from the department because of the individual defendants’ perception of his sexual orientation,” according to the complaint. “Mr. Trimble repeatedly referred to the plaintiff as a homosexual in front of the plaintiff and other firemen and civilians. At first, Mr. Tyndall, who is not a homosexual, tried to ignore Trimble’s comments.”

Court documents say that when the alleged slurs continued, the plaintiff asked his supervisor, Donohoe, to intervene, but he refused.

In early 2012, when Trimble had been elected fire chief, Trimble spoke of a plan to get rid of Tyndall, according to the complaint.

Eventually, Tyndall went to Berlin’s Human Resources director with his complaints. Town staff members investigated and found his concerns credible. As a result, Berlin officials decided to cut $600,000 in fire company funding in direct response to a failure to address the issue.

The harassment started to take a physical effect on Tyndall, the lawsuit says, including episodes of nausea, anxiety attacks, vomiting and diarrhea.

When Tyndall responded to a car accident Dec. 26, 2012, in Berlin, other fire company members on the scene allegedly refused to help him get a stretcher to carry a victim into the ambulance.

Once the patient was in the ambulance, Tyndall, who was helping the victim to breathe, couldn’t get anyone to drive the ambulance to the hospital. Eventually, a Berlin police officer on the scene stepped in and drove.

“This conduct further increased Mr. Tyndall’s fear and anxiety that he could not count on any of the members of the BFC to come to his aid,” the lawsuit reads, “to assist him on an ambulance call, in a burning building or in the presence of any danger, even in a life and death situation.”




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EMS Director suspended

Posted on 29 August 2013 by wyoskibum

TROUSDALE, TX — The county mayor informed commissioners during county court Monday night that he suspended Trousdale’s EMS director on Aug. 23 amid allegations of fraud by his former employer.

James Allen, who was hired in Trousdale County June 25, 2012, was charged with 13 counts of identity theft with theft over $500 but less than $1,000 and six counts of fraud in Davidson County.

Allen was released on $25,000 bond over the weekend.

“The decision to suspend his duties were based on the charges against him in Davidson County,” said Trousdale County Mayor Jake West. “The duties Mr. Allen had involved [granted him] access to employee files and the handling of money in the form of time sheets, also he was over the billing portion of the EMS Service. I felt like the actions taken were for the safety of the taxpayer and the well being of the county.”

According to West, county policy states, “if convicted of a crime it is immediate termination.”

Allen will remain in suspension without pay until a decision is rendered. If Allen is found innocent of the charges, he will receive back pay, added West.

“My thoughts as county mayor to the whole situation if Mr. Allen is [found] guilty of the charges can be summed up in one word, sad; for his future and his family’s future reputation. My mother always said, ‘if you leave this world with nothing tangible, that’s okay, but keep your name honest and fair.’”

West added that his office has notified the Comptroller’s Office Fraud Hot Line.

“Investigators are in progress to investigate the roll Mr. Allen had as EMS director [in Trousdale County],” said West.

West, in accordance with Trousdale County Charter, served as director over the weekend until he appointed Matt Batey Monday as interim director.

“My decision to not appoint someone from within the department as interim director was based on employees’ acquaintances with Mr. Allen,” said West. “I felt like a person from the outside with the experience Mr. Batey has would be the best choice for the service as ongoing investigations occurred.”

Batey will serve 30 days until “‘the mayor shall appoint a full time EMS director approved by the Commission,’ per charter,” added West.

“The recent events have had no affect on the service to the residents of Trousdale County,” said West. “I was at the service the two days before the appointment of Mr. Batey to assure proper safety and security was taken. Pictures were taken, locks changed on doors and narcotics were properly removed and put behind lock and key.

“The shifts that worked the two days I was there were very helpful to see that the service was not hindered. They worked on next shift schedules and basically did their job. Trousdale County residents should feel blessed to have such a seasoned staff at the Ambulance Service.”

District Attorney Tommy Thompson had been notified as of Tuesday to investigate any possible criminal acts, added West.

At press time, the Comptroller’s Office would would not confirm nor deny any investigations into Allen’s conduct in Trousdale County.

“As a matter of policy, the Comptroller’s office doesn’t comment on ongoing audits or investigations, even to confirm that they are ongoing,” said Blake Fontenay, communications director for the Comptroller’s Office.

Allen will appear in the Davidson County Criminal Court, Division III, at 9 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 4, in front of Judge Cheryl Blackburn.


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Prescott man seriously injured after colliding with ambulance

Posted on 29 August 2013 by wyoskibum

PRESCOTT, IA — A Prescott man was seriously injured 8:16 a.m. Wednesday when — for unknown reasons — he crossed the centerline on 190th Street near Prescott and collided with an Adams County ambulance traveling east in emergency mode.

According to an Iowa State Patrol accident report, the driver — Roger Moss, 46, of Prescott — was lifted by air ambulance to Mercy Medical Center.

“He (Moss) sustained at least one broken leg,” said Iowa State Trooper Boyd Burn. “The leg was considered a life-threatening injury because of the way it broke. He also had several large lacerations on his body.”

As of 5 p.m. Wednesday, Moss was in the critical care unit at Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines. He is in serious, but stable condition.

Burn did say neither the ambulance driver — Edward Davidson, 69, of Corning — nor the paramedic in the ambulance were injured in the accident. Davidson was driving the ambulance to a medical call when Moss hit the ambulance.

At that point, Adams County dispatch called for a second ambulance, which provided aid to the initial medical call. Creston News Advertiser will update this story if more details become available.



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Ambulance Involved in Grimes County Crash

Posted on 29 August 2013 by wyoskibum

Grimes County, TX- An accident on FM 1774, four miles south of Anderson in Grimes County, involving a St. Joseph ambulance and another vehicle injured multiple EMTs and sent one person to the hospital by medical helicopter.

According to a DPS trooper, the wreck happened at 4:45 pm on Tuesday when the ambulance hit a Ford F-150 as the truck was attempting a left turn. The F-150 was traveling northbound on FM 1774 when the ambulance, that was responding to a call with its lights on, came up behind the truck. The truck slowed down to make a left turn and the driver of the ambulance assumed the truck was slowing down to let the ambulance pass. While trying to pass the F-150 the ambulance ran into the truck as it turned. The truck rolled off the road and the ambulance drove into a ditch, hit an electric pole, and ran into a fence.

Two of the EMTs in the ambulance received minor injuries and one was driven to St. Joesph in Bryan with non-life-threatening injuries. The female driver of the F-150 was taken by medical helicopter as a precaution and her injuries are also considered non-life-threatening.



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Ambulance struck head-on in fiery Beaver Township crash

Posted on 29 August 2013 by wyoskibum

BEAVER TOWNSHIP, Ohio – One person was injured after an ambulance was struck head-on by an oncoming car in Beaver Township.

According to the Ohio Highway patrol,  the crash occurred at approximately 12:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Troopers say a car driven by 48-year-old William Robb struck a Life Fleet ambulance as Robb was attempting to pass another vehicle on State Route 164.  The ambulance was en route to a call with its emergency sirens and lights activated.

Fire broke out after the collision.

Reports say Robb’s injuries are not life-threatening.

No one aboard the ambulance was seriously injured.



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St. Louis ambulance bursts into flames outside emergency room

Posted on 29 August 2013 by wyoskibum

ST. LOUIS, MO – A fire erupted inside the engine and cab area of a St. Louis Fire Department emergency vehicle Sunday morning after paramedics delivered a patient to St. Mary’s Hospital, according to Richmond Heights Battalion Chief Steve Carmen.

When paramedics returned outside about 9 a.m. they noticed a haze around the ambulance, Carmen said. The engine and cab area were in flames and burned pretty thoroughly, he said. The 2005 St. Louis City Medic ll ambulance is a total loss, he said.

The cause of the blaze is being investigated but Carmen believes the fire was the result of an alternator problem. The vehicle was taken to a mechanic to determine the exact cause, he said.

“We know what side of the engine the fire started on,” he said.

Carmen did not know the total cost of the destruction but estimated it was at least $130,000.



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Ambulance hit while transporting patien

Posted on 29 August 2013 by wyoskibum

DENVER, CO — A Jeep crashed into an ambulance Monday as the ambulance was transporting a patient.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

The crash occurred at the intersection of Hampden Avenue and Locust Street.

Paramedics told 7NEWS the ambulance was waiting to turn when two vehicles collided nearby and a Jeep careened into the ambulance.



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ATV driver who collided with ambulance on TCH near Pasadena dies

Posted on 29 August 2013 by wyoskibum

PASADENA, CANADA  The man whose all-terrain vehicle collided with an ambulance on the Trans-Canada Highway Friday morning has died of his injuries.

According to an RCMP media advisory issued late Friday night, the man died at Western Memorial Regional Hospital after being taken there from the scene of the accident.

The accident happened just after 11 a.m. near Exit 12 to Pasadena, where police said the man was trying to cross the highway when he was struck by the ambulance.

No one in the ambulance, including a patient it was transporting, was hurt. The RCMP said the patient who was being being transported was not in an emergency situation.

The accident bent the front end of the ambulance inward and shattered its windshield. The quad-style ATV came to rest on its wheels in the median of the highway.

The release issued by the RCMP late Friday did not contain any information about the man, including his identity, where he was from or his age, and stated further details would be available Monday.

When contacted Saturday morning, the RCMP still would not say anything about the man, other than confirm he was from the local area. Police said they were still waiting to notify all of his next of kin before releasing any further information.



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Witnesses report wait for ambulance after boy’s accident

Posted on 29 August 2013 by wyoskibum

PATERSON, NJ — Amid the chaos in the moments after 2-year-old Adam Sheikh was struck by an SUV on a sidewalk just steps from his home, witnesses said frantic family members waited in vain for an ambulance to arrive before putting the boy into a car to drive to the hospital a mile away.

The boy’s death, about which law enforcement officials have released few details, shocked his neighbors in the densely packed south Paterson neighborhood, and has devastated his family.

Adam’s parents were too distraught to talk to a reporter Friday, but Adam’s uncles and several neighbors who said they saw what happened Monday morning provided more details.

Witnesses have said the boy was happily riding his Big Wheel tricycle on the sidewalk near his Pacific Street home when a black SUV struck him while turning into a parking lot. Neighbors called 911, but as minutes went by, a decision was made not to wait. Sal Mahmoud, the boy’s uncle — who ran from his home wearing only underwear — pulled up in his Mercedes-Benz and the boy’s limp body was whisked away.

A neighbor, Andrea Caceres, 19, said a 911 operator told her that they could not immediately get an ambulance to Pacific Street, and that it might have taken about 15 minutes to get help there. Mohammad Mahmoud, another of Adam’s uncles, said they waited six to eight minutes before heading to the hospital.

“With medical help who knows what would have happened,” said Mohammad Mahmoud.

The boy had a large bump on the back of his head and was bleeding from his ear, witnesses said.

Glenn Brown, the city’s police and fire director, did not return calls for comment about the police and ambulance response times Friday evening.

The Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office, only after a reporter’s inquiries, confirmed the accident happened at 10:30 a.m. Monday. The office has released neither the boy’s name nor the name of the SUV driver, and hasn’t said whether charges are pending. No accident report was made available.

“When we have concluded our review, we will determine what information to release,” said Prosecutor Camelia Valdes in an email responding to a reporter’s questions.

The man driving is believed to be a business owner in the area, family members said.

“He just zipped into the parking lot,” Mohammad Mahmoud said. “We want him punished according to the law. … He needs to face consequences.”

He also said that accounts from the neighbors were wrong, that the driver did not back over Adam a second time after he was first struck.

On Friday, police investigators’ spray-painted marks outlined where cars were parked on the cramped one-way street at the time the boy was struck. A rag that appeared to be soaked in blood was still lying in the driveway.

Children ran along the sidewalks Friday afternoon, but neighbors said that the activity was nothing at all like it was before Adam was killed.

“Now, no one is riding their bikes,” said Gus Borden, 55.

Pacific Street residents want to prevent any recurrence of the tragic accident.

They want a gate across the driveway into the small parking lot, and they want speed humps to keep cars from racing down the street. They want to ban trucks on their residential street and more visible signs warning drivers about the number of children playing in the area.

A stop sign at Pacific and Gould streets is partially obscured by a tree. Standing diagonally from the intersection is a faded yellow sign that says “Slow.”

“What happened to Adam is unfortunate,” Andrea Caceres said. “But it happened for a reason and we need to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”



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N.Y. EMT Sues Civilian Driver in Ambulance Crash

Posted on 29 August 2013 by wyoskibum

WATERTOWN, NY —  Aug. 21–An Antwerp woman injured in a motor vehicle accident while working as an emergency medical technician has filed suit against the Jeep driver who allegedly caused the crash.

Kimberly A. Crowner filed state Supreme Court action Monday at the Jefferson County clerk’s office against Thomas A. King, Frenchtown, N.J., claiming he was negligent when he caused the June 24, 2011, accident on Route 232 in the town of Watertown.

According to court documents, Miss Crowner as part of her EMT duties was riding in an ambulance and administering emergency care to a patient in the back of the vehicle. She claims that the ambulance’s emergency lights and sirens were in operation when Mr. King attempted to make a left turn from Route 232 onto Old Rices Road. His vehicle passed into the ambulance’s path, causing the collision, it is claimed.

Miss Crowner suffered unspecified permanent injuries and scarring, resulting in lost wages and medical expenses, among other damage claims. She contends that Mr. King caused the accident by negligently failing to yield the right of way to the emergency vehicle. Court documents do not identify the ambulance squad for whom Miss Crowner works.

The suit does not specify an amount being sought in damages. Miss Crowner is represented by Syracuse attorney James E. Reid.


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Union Co. paramedic charged with stealing pain meds

Posted on 29 August 2013 by wyoskibum

UNION COUNTY, N.C. –A Union County paramedic was arrested Wednesday afternoon for allegedly stealing pain medications on his ambulance.

Investigators say that 45-year-old Joey Reed Dahl injected himself with powerful painkillers like Morphine, Dilaudid, Fentanyl and Versed, and then replaced the syringes with a saline solution.

“You take those jobs not because they pay well, because they don’t pay well, but to help the other person. So if you’re replacing medications, that’s the lowest of the low,” said a man who did not want to be identified.

He doesn’t know Dahl, but because of his medical history, he’s got plenty of experience with hospitals and emergency medicine.

Union EMS is part of Carolinas Healthcare System. Privately investigators say the hospital never reported the case. That’s a charge CMC denies.

“We did report the incident to the appropriate state and national authorities,” said spokesman Kevin McCarthy.

“We are not aware of any patient adversely affected by the incident involving the Union County EMS employee.”

Investigators agree that no patients were affected. Still, residents like Linda Tarlton worry about what could have happened.

“That absolutely scares me to death to think I would call an ambulance to come out and get an injection of saline rather than something I really needed. It’s scary,” she said.

Dahl has been charged with four felony counts of Embezzlement of a Controlled Substance by Employee.


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