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Albuquerque’s new class of paramedics hits the streets

Posted on 28 April 2013 by wyoskibum

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Albuquerque has 28 brand new paramedics ready to hit the streets with the Fire Department, and when they do they are likely to find themselves working in a brand new way in rescue units and fire engines.

For years the department has assigned two paramedics to each rescue unit. The plan is to split those pairs up, keeping one paramedic in each rescue unit and putting one in each of the city’s fire engines.

The idea is to get paramedics in more emergency vehicles on the scene faster, with new defibrillator equipment on the fire engines.

But a lot of paramedics prefer working in pairs.

“When I come up on a scene I’m with a lieutenant that’s also a paramedic,” said veteran paramedic Max Heyman. “He can control that scene. I can work solely about patient care. I can start that IV, I can do that 12-lead, I can intubate. I can do whatever needs to be done on that patient while I have the other paramedic over here to control the scene.”

Fire Chief James Breen says the new deployment plan will speed up the average response time by 47 seconds – about 17 percent.

“Because we going to be able to get a paramedic to a particular scene faster, they’ll begin their interventions quicker and we’ll have better patient outcomes and essentially more lives being saved,” Breen said. “This is one of the best public safety practices across the United States.”

The 28 paramedics who graduated Thursday won’t actually increase the numbers. They will replace others who are retiring or moving on to other jobs, or to other cities.

Albuquerque has about 670 firefighters. All of them are trained as basic emergency medical technicians. About 200 are paramedics, qualified to do more to save lives.



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Scottsville woman accused of taking ambulance outside U.Va. hospital emergency department

Posted on 28 April 2013 by wyoskibum

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — A Scottsville woman faces charges of taking an ambulance from a parking bay at the University of Virginia Medical Center’s emergency department.

Media outlets report that U.Va. police charged 45-year-old Laura Jean Aven on Wednesday with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

U.Va. police say the ambulance’s driver left it unlocked with the engine running on April 17. The ambulance was found a short time later a few blocks away.



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Two people were injured in an accident involving an ambulance

Posted on 28 April 2013 by wyoskibum

Estherville, IA (KICD) — Emmet County Sheriff Mike Martens said just after 5:30, Monday afternoon, his office received a report of an accident 5 miles north of Estherville, on Highway 4.

Upon investigation, it was determined a 1988 Ford Lifeline Ambulance, owned by the Palo Alto County Hospital, was northbound, when the driver, 27-year old Cody Petersen of Graettinger lost control.  The ambulance entered the south ditch, and rolling onto it’s side.

Petersen and the attending paramedic, 29-year old Joseph Lyberger of Estherville received minor injuries.  A passenger in the rear of the ambulance, 67-year old Lois Wegener of Emmetsburg was not injured.



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Ambulance carrying patient rolls over in accident in Clayton Township

Posted on 28 April 2013 by wyoskibum

CLAYTON TOWNSHIP, MI — An ambulance carrying a patient was involved in a rollover accident Wednesday afternoon at the intersection of Corunna and Seymour roads.

The ambulance was headed eastbound on Corunna Road when it apparently ran a stop sign and collided with a vehicle on Seymor Road, police said. The ambulance then flipped over on its side.

The patient in the ambulance was taken by another ambulance to the hospital with unknown injuries, police said.

The driver of the other vehicle did not suffer serious injuries. The other occupants of the ambulance also did not suffer serious injuries.

Westbound lanes were shutdown for a time as police investigated.

It’s not clear if the ambulance had its lights activated.



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Ambulance Overturns in Crash, Three Injured

Posted on 25 April 2013 by wyoskibum

TRENTON, Tenn. – Two Gibson County first responders and another man were rushed to the hospital late Wednesday morning after a violent crash.

Police said the wreck happened as Gibson County first responders were on their way to an emergency call in Trenton.

It was quite an interesting meeting for Trenton’s Domino Club.
“We were playing dominoes, and we heard a big boom,” said witness Ray Samples.

Police said that noise was the sound of a pickup truck crashing into a Gibson County ambulance at a Trenton intersection. The impact was so strong, both vehicles flipped over.

“I went outside and saw a red truck laying on its side up there, and people parking and running up to assist them, and when I started up there I saw there was an ambulance also laying on its side,” Samples said.

Police said the two first responders and driver of the truck were sent to the hospital, but their injuries were not considered serious. The ambulance was totaled.

Residents told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News as soon as they saw the wreck right across the street, they knew they had to help.

Samples helped pull the driver of the pickup truck out through his back window. Others prayed.

“There’s nothing wrong with prayer, and I just started saying, ‘Lord, take care of this situation.’ And I believe he did,” said witness Wallace Powell.

Samples said it felt good to help out, even if it meant losing his dominoes game.

Trenton police said they do not know who was at fault. The wreck is still under investigation.


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Police: Oxford Man Drove Ambulance With Medics, Patient Inside

Posted on 25 April 2013 by wyoskibum

DANBURY, CT— Police arrested a 52-year-old who allegedly moved an ambulance while medics treated a patient in the back.

The ambulance was at a scene on Sandpit Road on Friday night when the suspect, later identified as Peter Prunty, got in the driver’s seat and moved the vehicle about 50 feet, police said.

Prunty then got in another vehicle and drove away, but a medic and firefighters got the license plate number of his vehicle. Officers later found Prunty and charged him with interfering with police.



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Clark County losing ambulance service

Posted on 25 April 2013 by wyoskibum

Clarksville, IN. (WDRB)–Some local EMTs are out of a job after their contract with Clark County was terminated.  “I was scared that they would…I’ve heard rumors from EMS providers that have known the history of the company,” says Thomas Harris, EMT.

Harris says Wednesday morning the rumors came true when management at Rural Metro Ambulance handed him a termination letter.  He says, “Saying that as of tomorrow we will no longer have a job here because they had lost…they gave termination notice to the county saying that they did not want the contract anymore.”

According to the ambulance company, county officials were given a 60 day notice of termination on March 15th.

John Hultgren is division director of public affairs for Rural Metro Ambulance and says, “Because we didn’t have the level of communication present that we felt was necessary to offer a good service.”

The move will likely cost 30 EMTs, who work out of a Clark County garage, their jobs but a Hultgren says there may be other opportunities down the road.  “Our goal is to bring them all into one of our surrounding operations.”

Rural Metro Ambulance is a large company with 50 years of serving others but Clark County officials say that service was lacking.

“According to our health department the service that we were getting from Rural Metro was not satisfactory,” says Jack Coffman, President Clark County Board of Commissioners.

Coffman says there’s a wide range of issues. “Not filing reports timely, some issues of materials that were not carried on the ambulance that are required by our health department.”

Clark County already has a new contract with Yellow Ambulance to provide coverage for the area.

Meanwhile, Thomas Harris heard about the effort to relocate everyone, but doesn’t have much confidence it will happen.

Harris says, “With 30 people, you know with the number of spots that they mentioned that they had…there’s no way that all of us is going to have jobs.”

Rural Metro Ambulance will also continue to operate in Clark County servicing health care facilities.  But for now, it’s unclear how many jobs that will provide.



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Police seek ambulance stolen from UAB emergency room Saturday night

Posted on 25 April 2013 by wyoskibum

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — Police are on the lookout today for an ambulance they said was stolen from the entrance to a hospital emergency room.

Authorities said a Haynes ambulance was taken from UAB hospital about 8 p.m. Saturday. It was parked on an emergency room ramp at the time.

An executive with the company said it wasn’t clear how or why someone took the vehicle, which was parked after taking a patient from Elmore County to the hospital.

“There were four ambulances parked in the ambulance bay, and ours was in the middle. Somebody just walked up and stole it,” said Kirk Barrett, chief operations officer for Haynes.

A police lookout asked motorists to call 911 if they saw a Haynes ambulance marked with the unit number 206. The vehicle has an Alabama license plate that begins with the number 29, which represents Elmore County.

Barrett said citizens could assist police in locating the ambulance.

“There are ambulances out there everywhere. They can’t stop them all,” he said.



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Paramedic Accused of Driving Ambulance While Drunk

Posted on 25 April 2013 by wyoskibum

PIKE COUNTY, Ky (WSAZ) — A paramedic is behind bars troopers say he was driving an ambulance while under the influence of alcohol.

Kentucky State Police tell Jeffery Hignite was weaving in and out of traffic until he hit a guardrail on Kentucky Route 319. He wasn’t hurt.

He was charged for driving drunk and is currently being held at the Pike County Detention Center.



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8 hurt in multiple accidents in SW Oklahoma City Read more:

Posted on 25 April 2013 by wyoskibum

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK —Seven people were injured in a wreck involving an ambulance on Friday afternoon, according to the Emergency Medical Services Authority.

The crash happened at Interstate 240 and Shields Boulevard, authorities said. The interstate was briefly closed by troopers in both directions at Interstate 35 because of that accident and a motorcycle crash directly across the road.

One person was critically hurt in the motorcycle accident, EMSA said.

The ambulance involved in the crash does not belong to EMSA. It appears to be from Van Alstyne, Texas.

A spokesperson for EMSA told KOCO 5 News that several people were being taken to a nearby hospital.


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Cop car, ambulance collide while making emergency calls in Bernards

Posted on 20 April 2013 by wyoskibum

BERNARDS, NJ — A patrol car and a Basking Ridge First Aid Squad ambulance were significantly damaged after they collided last weekend while responding to two separate emergencies within the township, according to Bernards Police Capt. Edward Byrnes.
Patrolman Alex McKnight was on his way to a Butternut Lane home on a report of a woman suffering from hand burns at the same time as the Basking Ridge Fire Co. and First Aid Squad were responding to Dolce, for a worker apparently trapped in a freight elevator, Byrnes said.
While driving northbound on North Maple Avenue, the ambulance attempted to make an illegal left-hand turn into the restaurant parking lot at the same time as the patrol car — driving behind the ambulance — tried to pass on the left, Byrnes said.
The two vehicles collided, were damaged and towed from the scene, but no summonses were issued, he said.
“I haven’t seen either vehicle, but both were towed from the scene, and the police car suffered extensive damage and the fire company says that their ambulance will be out of service for some period of time and is not drivable,” he said.
McKnight experienced some soreness the next day, but no one was taken to a hospital from the scene, Byrnes said.

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Ambulance stolen outside U.Va. hospital emergency room, found a few blocks away

Posted on 20 April 2013 by wyoskibum

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — University of Virginia police are looking for someone who stole an ambulance.

WVIR-TV reports the ambulance was stolen early Wednesday after the driver had left it unlocked with the engine running at a University of Virginia Health System emergency room.

The ambulance was later found abandoned a few blocks away.



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Police: Ambulance driver passed out before crash

Posted on 20 April 2013 by wyoskibum

FORT WALTON BEACH, FL – The driver of an Okaloosa County EMS ambulance passed out before he caused a five-vehicle crash at Mary Esther Cut-Off and Wright Parkway on Tuesday evening, according to police.

David M. Keller, 40, of Baker, was talking with his partner as he drove the ambulance south on Mary Esther Cut-Off about 7 p.m. when he began to cough, according to the Fort Walton Beach police crash report. Keller told officers he passed out and his partner confirmed that.

The ambulance hit two vehicles, sending each one into another vehicle, the crash report states. Keller and a driver and passenger in one of the vehicles were taken to Fort Walton Beach Medical Center, where they were treated and released.

The accident investigation is ongoing.



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Oakland: Five teens arrested in connection with killing of paramedic Quinn Boyer

Posted on 20 April 2013 by wyoskibum

OAKLAND — Five boys, two as young as 14, have been arrested in the killing of a San Jose paramedic in the Oakland hills two weeks ago, and police said Tuesday the juveniles have admitted their involvement in the slaying.

Quinn Boyer, a Dublin resident, was stopped at Keller Avenue and Hansom Drive about noon April 2 when the teens pulled their car alongside his Honda Civic and someone shot him in the head at point-blank range, police said.

He never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead at a hospital April 4. Boyer had driven his father to a doctor’s appointment that morning and then dropped him off at his Oakland hills home, and was alone in the car when he was shot.

The motive remains unclear, but the teens were arrested Monday and Tuesday on suspicion of murder, robbery and carjacking, police said. The boys’ names have not been released because of their ages.

Two are 14, two are 15 and one is 16, police said. They are all friends, but are not believed to be gang members, police said.

“I’m deeply concerned about an unacceptable and disturbing trend where robberies and other crimes are being committed by young people 13 to 17,” said police Chief Howard Jordan. “Young people are finding it very simple to point a gun and shoot someone.”

Police said Boyer was a random target. After he was shot, he apparently hit the gas pedal, propelling his car over a median strip and into a ravine.

Following the shooting, people in the Keller Avenue area described a “suspicious vehicle” in the area on the day Boyer was shot, giving investigators an idea of the car they were seeking.

An abandoned car — police have declined to name the make and model — was found on the afternoon of April 3 near Horace Mann Elementary School in East Oakland, miles from where Boyer was shot. Police said Oakland school district police Officer Anthony Fergoso helped identify most of the teens through surveillance video taken from near where the car was left.

The case is headed to the Alameda County District Attorney and criminal charges could be filed as early as Wednesday. Police are also investigating if the juveniles, or some of them, are linked to other crimes.

Boyer, a newly married 34-year-old, was memorialized Tuesday at St. Theresa Catholic Church in Oakland after a service that drew hundreds of friends, relatives, firefighters, paramedics, police, and city leaders, including Oakland Mayor Jean Quan.

Boyer had worked as a paramedic for Santa Clara County since 2008, with a stellar reputation on the job. In the days after he was shot, a memorial adorned the front lawn of his employer, Rural/Metro Ambulance, to honor him.

The cities of Oakland, Sunnyvale and Milpitas proclaimed Tuesday as Quinn Boyer Day.


Boyer grew up in Oakland and graduated from Sonoma State, the Santa Rosa Fire Academy and Foothill College’s paramedic program. He had recently been accepted into the physician’s assistant program at Stanford. He was also a Big Brother and a volunteer at the Order of Malta clinic in Oakland, his family said.

His family has declined to speak publicly about the killing, and were not available to comment on the arrests.



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