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Ambulance involved in collision with car in Gaston

Posted on 28 January 2013 by wyoskibum

GASTON, OR – No one was seriously injured when a car collided with an ambulance in Gaston Thursday, authorities said.

The crash was reported about 9 p.m. near the intersection ofSouthwest Spring Hill Road and Gaston Road after the car struck the Metro West ambulance on its side, said Sgt. David Thompson, a Washington County Sheriff’s spokesman. He said there were no patients in the vehicle when it was hit.

The impact from the crash left the ambulance on its side. Medics were responding to a call when the crash occurred, said Gaston Fire District.

The crash is still under investigation and the identities of the people involved have not been released.



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Ambulance runs over its driver

Posted on 28 January 2013 by wyoskibum

ELLSWORTH, ME— A driver from a Bangor ambulance company was run over by his own transport van Thursday morning outside Maine Coast Memorial Hospital, according to an Ellsworth Police Department accident report.

Paul Knowlton, 71, of Bangor is a driver for Capital Ambulance. Around 11:45 a.m. Thursday, he was dropping off an elderly patient and a certified nursing assistant for a routine checkup at the hospital’s emergency entrance, Officer Rick Roberts said on Friday.

Knowlton — along with the patient and the CNA, Samantha Miller — got out of the van, but he had forgotten to put the vehicle in park, according to the report. Roberts said all three were near the hospital’s doors when Miller noticed the van was rolling forward.

Knowlton “was going to run around the front, and get in the door, but as soon as he got to the front of it, he tripped and fell face down, and the van ran him over,” Roberts said.

Roberts described Knowlton as a “big, tough guy,” and said that after the van had pinned him, the driver was dragged or pushed about 40 feet before the van hit a bush and stopped.

Miller ran over and put the van in reverse, then freed Knowlton from underneath, the report states.

Knowlton was taken inside by hospital staff, where he was “treated for severe road burns to his face and right shoulder.” He since has been treated and released, and is healing at home, according to a hospital representative.



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Car strikes ambulance, killing one

Posted on 28 January 2013 by wyoskibum

WASHINGTON, DC – One person was killed Friday afternoon when a car rear-ended an ambulance in Southeast Washington, according to police and fire department officials.

Details of the crash, which occurred about 2 p.m. at 12th Street and Southern Avenue, were not immediately available. Police said that up to four vehicles were involved.

Lon Walls, the communication director for the D.C. Fire Department, said

a car struck an ambulance that was stopped at a red light. A person in that car died in the crash; authorities said. Their identity was not immediately available.

Two paramedics were taken to a hospital and treated for minor injuries, according to Walls; the car that hit their ambulance overturned and burst into flames, officials said.

Police continue to investigate the circumstances of the crash.

A child who was trapped in one of the cars, police said, but was pulled out. The extent of the child’s injuries could not immediately be ascertained.



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Ambulance rollover causes traffic for afternoon commute

Posted on 28 January 2013 by wyoskibum

WEST MIAMI-DADE, Fla. (WSVN) — Officers are on the scene of an accident in which a private ambulance rolled over, Thursday.

A private ambulance collided with a car, rolled over in the area of Southwest 8th Street and 107th Avenue in West Miami-Dade.

No patients were being transported at the time of the incident.

The driver and a passenger inside the ambulance were taken to Kendall Regional. Their conditions are unknown.


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Bandera EMTs injured in ambulance wreck

Posted on 28 January 2013 by wyoskibum


Two Bandera EMTs were injured near Camp Verde when their ambulance was struck by an oncoming car Tuesday, Jan. 8, about 2:10 p.m.

According to reports, the three-vehicle wreck started when Glenn Sellars, 59, of Fredericksburg was driving a late model Mustang southbound a quarter of a mile north of East Verde Creek Road on Hwy. 173.

He was just north of Camp Verde Store when he veered into the northbound lane and struck the rear of a late model Toyota Tacoma pickup truck and then hit the Bandera County ambulance head on.

The force of the blow ripped off one of the Tacoma’s front tires and the rear axle, which was flung though a metal mesh fence along the northbound side of the road.

The driver of the Tacoma, 21-year-old Timothy Lee Jones of Center Point, went to the hospital with minor injuries.

Sellars was taken to Peterson Regional Medical Center in Kerrville and died that afternoon.

According to the Kerrville Daily Times, Bandera EMS personnel Katherine Richardson and Texas Randall were in the ambulance and were taken to Peterson with non-life threatening injuries.

According to the Daily Times, Raymond O’Bryant, 94, a patient in the ambulance at the time, was taken to Peterson in another ambulance and died later at the hospital.

Bandera County EMS Director Cindy Martin said the ambulance is totaled and not useable.

“We have five more (ambulances) around the county, so we’re okay,” Martin said.

She expects the county’s insurance to pay for a new vehicle, but just how much the insurance will pay remains to be determined.

“We are lucky that they (the two EMTs) are alive,” Martin said.

One of the EMTs was released from the hospital that day but the other EMT remained hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries for a few days and was released. She will be doing rehabilitation on her knee.


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Three injured in ambulance crash

Posted on 28 January 2013 by wyoskibum

MADISON, WV - Three people are hurt in a crash involving an ambulance in Boone County.

The accident happened on Hollywood Branch Road, near Madison, around 6 p.m. Tuesday.

Dispatchers say a Logan County ambulance flipped with two paramedics and a patient inside of it. All three were taken to the hospital but are expected to be okay. Their names have not been released.

The southbound lanes of Route 119 were shut down for about an hour.

Stay tuned to Eyewitness News for the latest on this developing story.


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Woman steals over $120,000 from local EMS company where she worked

Posted on 22 January 2013 by wyoskibum

HARRISBURG, PA – Police are charging a local woman with stealing over $100,000 from a non-profit EMS service in Dauphin County.

Court documents show she stole the money over a four year period using a company credit card.

South Central Emergency Medical Services says that one of their employees who retired last April continuously stole money from the company using a credit card. It was discovered when the CEO of the company looked over the financial records and saw that something didn’t add up.

45-year-old Virginia Stapf of Lewisburg retired from her position as an administrator for South Central Emergency Medical Services in April after police say she stole more than $120,000. State Police arrested Stauf on

January 11 for charges including theft and unlawful use of a computer.

Stapf hid the thefts by making it look like they were part of equipment purchases. The thefts were only discovered after CEO Jason Campbell looked over financial records and found the missing money.

He told CBS 21 that Stapf used the credit card to pay for everything from shoes to her taxes but never charged more than $4,000 at a time.

South Central Emergency Medical Services released a statement saying, “This act of dishonesty has not nor will it enable or hinder the ability of South Central EMS. South Central EMS is and continues to be one of the most profitable and successful independent EMS organizations throughout the region.”

The insurance company has covered the lost money but South Central EMS says they want Stapf prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

A preliminary hearing is set for March 11.


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Ambulance Crashes Into Car, Queens Home

Posted on 22 January 2013 by wyoskibum

NEW YORK CITY, NY– An ambulance collided with a car and then crashed into a house while responding to a call in Queens Sunday morning, officials told WCBS 880.

The crash happened around 11:30 a.m. on 110th Street in South Ozone Park.

Emergency officials said the driver of the car is in serious but stable condition.

The two people in the ambulance suffered minor injuries, officials told WCBS 880.

All involved in the crash were taken to Jamaica Hospital, according to officials.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.



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Ambulance Hit By Car

Posted on 22 January 2013 by wyoskibum

OMAHA, NE – An Omaha firefighter suffered minor injuries when a driver crashed into an ambulance Sunday afternoon.

The ambulance was taking an injured person to the hospital when the collision occurred at John A. Creighton Boulevard and Spaulding around 2 p.m. The ambulance did not have its lights or siren on.

The person being taken to the hospital didn’t have serious injuries to begin with and was not hurt in the accident.



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Suspect attacks EMS workers

Posted on 22 January 2013 by wyoskibum

WINNSBORO, SC — While responding to a rescue call on Jan. 3 Fairfield County EMS workers encountered an unusual, hostile response—gunfire. Kevin Bryant Duncan, Jr., 25, of 1800 Killian Lakes Drive in Columbia assaulted EMS workers who were on the scene working on his mother, Zina Churn. According to the incident report, Duncan, got into the EMS truck and when he was asked to leave that he began attacking the EMS crew. A struggle ensued and one of the EMS workers fell from the truck, and suffered a shoulder injury.

According to the Sheriff Department incident report, the suspect threatened to kill one of the EMS workers as he was being removed from the truck. Captain Brad Douglas with the Fairfield County Sheriff”s Department said that the names of the workers were withheld from the media out of concern for the workers’ safety, because the suspect made threats against their lives.

Duncan was arrested and charged with simple assault. He was then detained at the Fairfield County Detention Center.

The incident occurred on the first Fairfield County EMS call of 2013.

The assault prompted a policy review from the county on EMS calls and security.

The EMS, Sheriff’s Office, 911 dispatch and the fire service administrative staff met following the incident to discuss what they thought was the core problem and to establish ways to help avoid these types of events in the future. According to Anderson, it was agreed that radio communication was the basis of the problem. Those present agreed that for a more coordinated and cohesive response to better protect its first responders, the county needed to expand its radio transmission system.

During the Duncan incident, the EMS workers used a radio on a different frequency from that of the sheriff’s office. That meant they had to call into dispatch and then be relayed to law enforcement to ask for assistance when they came under attack.

Having a radio on the same frequency would improve communication by eliminating a middle person and therefore increase response time.

For a long term solution, the County is working on a grant to upgrade and combine the county radio systems which will greatly aid in interoperability.

County Council Chairman David Ferguson voiced support of the move at the most recent county council meeting. “I think this certainly will be an upgrade to have these municipals with the appropriate equipment). We don’t hear of a lot of instances like this, but there are more than we hear about. That’s the reason in Richland County and a lot of other counties someone goes along with an ambulance that goes along to a residence… both for the safety of the person at that home and the safety of (the first responders),” Ferguson said.

The county officials noted that radio communication problems are not localized to Fairfield County but that all emergency service agencies in South Carolina deal with issues of geography, outdated equipment or the inability for radios to operate on multi frequencies.

Hyatt Kelsey, Fairfield County Human Resources Manager, said that “It makes helping those in need that much more difficult when bystanders become aggressive and interfere with patient care. In situations of emergency, I understand emotions run strong, but bystanders need to understand that once our first responders arrive on the scene, the patients are in the hands of well trained individuals whose main goal is to provide the best level of emergency care to the patient from the time of their arrival on the scene until they transfer the patient over to the hospital.”

Fairfield County first responders and law enforcement officers are highly trained and deserve the right to fulfill their duties without the unnecessary fear of being assaulted.

Mike Tanner, Director of Fairfield County EMS, said that, “EMS is there to help care for patients and we try to avoid confrontations at all times. In the future we will hold classes for our paramedics and EMTs on situational awareness and self defense.”

According to Deputy County Administrator Davis Anderson, policies also will be implemented regarding Sheriff’s Department escorts for EMS workers when they go out on a call.



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Portsmouth ambulance crashes, out of service

Posted on 22 January 2013 by wyoskibum

PORTSMOUTH, NH — A city ambulance was taken off-line Friday after a rear-end collision near Portsmouth Regional Hospital.

It was the second time in eight days an ambulance was involved in a minor collision.

Friday’s crash occurred at 12:56 p.m. on Borthwick Avenue and the ambulance was towed from the scene. Damage was limited to the front end and a bumper was bent in front of a tire, rendering it immovable, said Fire Chief Chris LeClaire.

The crash occurred while the ambulance was transporting a patient to the hospital and another vehicle stopped unexpectedly in front of it, LeClaire said.

No injuries were reported.

On Jan. 10 at 7:45 a.m., police were called to a Wibird Street residence, where an ambulance responded for a medical call and struck a vehicle in the caller’s driveway, fire officials said. The ambulance was not damaged, but a fender on the resident’s car was, officials said.

Police were called to respond and document both incidents.


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Ambulance stolen from Stat EMS base in Flint, leads to chase in Grand Blanc Township, police say

Posted on 22 January 2013 by wyoskibum

FLINT, MI – A Stat EMS ambulance was stolen from a base and then led police on a chase in Grand Blanc Township, according to Michigan State Police.

A call went out about 8:55 p.m. Thursday for the stolen ambulance. A vehicle locator showed the vehicle was in the area of Grand Blanc Road and Dort Highway in Grand Blanc Township, police said.

The driver who allegedly stole the ambulance refused to stop and led police on a pursuit, according to police. The vehicle was cornered in the area of Seymour Road, north of Grand Blanc Road in Gaines Township and the driver was taken into custody, police said.

He was lodged in the Flint city lockup.

No one was injured in the ordeal.

A Stat EMS representative could not be immediately reached for comment.


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Ambulance, school bus collide in Wilmington

Posted on 18 January 2013 by wyoskibum

WILMINGTON, Del.  – Investigators are looking into what caused an accident involving an ambulance and a school bus in Wilmington, Delaware Wednesday morning.

The accident happened around 7:00 a.m. in the area of 4th and Franklin streets.

Police say an ambulance was responding to an emergency call when it collided with a school bus that was transporting students to St. Mark’s High School.

The school bus was traveling northbound on North Franklin Street with approximately nine children on board during the collision.

The ambulance struck a fire hydrant before catching fire and trapping the two medical technicians inside.

The technicians were rescued and taken to Christiana Hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

One student was treated at St. Francis Hospital for minor injuries and released to their guardian.

Other students refused treatment and waiting for another bus to pick them up.

Action News was told, there may have been a third vehicle involved.

Police are investigating.



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D.C. man says father died awaiting ambulance

Posted on 18 January 2013 by wyoskibum

WASHINGTON – A Washington man says his father died while he was waiting more than 40 minutes for an ambulance to arrive — on the same night that dozens of city firefighters called out sick.

Durand Ford tells WRC-TV that his father went into cardiac arrest in the early morning of New Year’s Day, and his family called 911 around 1 a.m. WRC reports that at 1:47 a.m., D.C. Fire and EMS asked Prince George’s County for assistance, and an ambulance was sent from Oxon Hill, Md. _ seven miles away.

Around 90 District of Columbia firefighters called out sick on New Year’s Eve. The firefighters’ union has denied there was a coordinated sick-out.

D.C. Councilmember Tommy Wells has criticized firefighters and the union for putting public safety at risk.



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